General Public Dressing

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

To start off my series of suggestions for appropriate public dressing, I will cover a few basics first.

To aid me, I am seeking the help of two of my favorite books:

Better Than Beauty, A Guide to Charm (which I blogged about here)
How To Be A Lady: A Contemporary Guide to Common Courtesy

From How To Be A Lady....
A lady does not wear clothes so revealing that they embarrass others.
A lady is mindful of her appearance at all times.
A lady does not buy clothes a size too small in hopes that she will one day be able to wear them.
A lady doesn't wear white shoes before Easter nor after Labor Day.
A lady knows whether she has the figure to wear tight clothing. She knows that just because an item of clothing comes in her size does not mean that she should wear it.
A lady knows that trends come and go, but true style is timeless.

From Better Than Beauty....
(Summarized because it is not bullets like the previous book)
Build your wardrobe around several key pieces and accessories.
Always remove at least one accessory before leaving.
Make sure your clothes look nicely tailored (no missing buttons, loose threads, tears, wrinkles, stains, etc).

These are just a handful of tips to help you on your way to looking your best every day even with minimal effort. We are all busy modern women, so the better our wardrobe, the more confident we are in our outfit choices, and the quicker we can get ready in the morning!


Best Dressed?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One day last week while on vacation we went to Magic Kingdom in Disney World. Unfortunately we decided to go to Florida in AUGUST when it is ridiculously hot. I figured this wasn't going to be much of a problem since I had packed all sun dresses for the trip. I wore my favorite orange and white striped vintage dress for the occasion. This dress was MADE for me.

But my cool summer dress was no match for the wicked, wicked sun. I felt like I was melting as soon as I got out of the car. So imagine my surprise at this encounter which took place after walking around all melty for several hours.....

We are exiting the Haunted Mansion when a female Disney employee comments on how lovely she thinks my dress is. She then proceeds to tell me that I am the best dressed person she has seen in Magic Kingdom and that visitors never dress nice.

....Best dressed at Disney? Me? Really?

So for the rest of the day I obsessively people watched. She was right.

When did people develop such little disregard for their public appearance? You would think that at a place like Disney World that gets tens of hundreds of thousands of visitors that at least a part of the crowd would be decent looking. The majority of what I saw was overweight white people wearing elastic-waist jersey shorts and ill-fitting t-shirts they got for free from some fundraising event or that they got at Disney 11 years ago. These people are blowing tons of money to take their families to Disney, the least they can do is dress like they can afford it.

I've decided to make this a theme week about dressing for public outings.

*NOTE* This does not apply to the princesses. They were exquisite!


Home again!

Monday, August 29, 2011

We enjoyed our week of vacation and caught an early flight home just in time to visit with Hurricane Irene. I managed to fuel up the car and refill my refrigerator and cabinets without problem, despite being away for a week before a hurricane hit (all those last minute supply-getters!). I am happy to report that nothing at my home was damaged, or filled with water, or hit by a tree. I did not lose power and my faithful dish only lost its signal a few times even with the pounding wind and rain. I hope everyone else in the Hurricane Zone is doing well!

Oh, and apparently there was an earthquake while I was away!

But natural disasters aside, it is back to work and blogging this week. (Not to mention the first day of kindergarten on Wednesday!)

A view of Irene from above!


Vacation Time!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Domestic Debbie family is about to head off on vacation! See you all next week!


What Those Funny Laundry Symbols Actually Mean

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sometimes clothing only has picture instructions for care. I came across this chart on my computer that would be great to print out and hang in the laundry room. It is a helpful cheat sheet to use while sorting laundry. This way you can help yourself (or your family) keep your clothing looking nicer for longer.

Click the image below to enlarge and right click to save to your computer for printing! I recommend laminating or framing the chart and hanging it in an easy to see location.


I am notasupermom

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Entertain Like You're Nota Supermom ...A refreshingly honest and humorous take on the reality of having unexpected (and expected house guests).

The takeaway from this is to just relax and enjoy the people.

However, it does make me want to clean up the misplaced items in the living room...just in case...

Let's play a game. If I surprised you with a visit, what would I see and how would you feel about your home?

If you visited me (as a surprise) as I write this post you'd see the basket of laundry I just got from the laundry room to fold, my dress form, fabric, pattern pieces, sewing machine, ironing board, yoga mat unrolled, a partially opened package that came yesterday, some bags from back-to-school shopping.....but there aren't any dishes in the sink! I'd be anxious about the items but I would keep reminding myself of the quote above.


App of the week

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I really enjoy sewing and I frequently purchase fabric and supplies from Joann Fabric and Crafts. I also really enjoy their numerous coupons. This past weekend I had a 50% off coupon for a cut of fabric. However, the BEST PART is that this coupon was loaded onto my new Joann app on my smartphone. All I had to do was hand the cashier my phone and she typed the code into the computer. I didn't have to remember a paper coupon! I am going to keep monitoring to see if all the coupons I get emailed also turn up on the app, but so far I am extremely happy. I would recommend this to all crafty women who shop at Joann's. It is available for Android and iPhones.

Happy Saving!


Do you own a personal organizer?

Monday, August 15, 2011

My friend Kate swears by her personal organizers (and blogs about them). Last week she offered to give me her spare Filofax (lavender, personal size) to try out for myself. I am always looking for ways to be more organized so I readily accepted. 

So far my organizer has a month on two pages, a week on two pages, blank and lined note pages, and a to-do list. It also has a business card organizer, ruler, and plastic envelope. I plan on using the plastic envelope to hold my coupons.

I tend to start organizing and then it all falls apart. This time I am promising myself to make a genuine effort. It helps that I've also upgraded my purse sizes to be more accommodating for my new organized life!

I am looking forward to using my new Filofax. Even in this technological age I still prefer to write things down on paper. It helps me remember things better that way.

If you have been looking for a way to organize your schedule so you can remember all your plans, I suggest starting out with a basic weekly planner and adding from there.

I'd love to hear how you organize and remember your weekly schedules!

Plan your work and work your plan. - Mary Kay Ash


New Blog Design!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I want to take this time to thank Lena from Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates for doing a super amazing job on my new blog design, dealing with my 234832478 emails, and fine-tuning everything until late in the night! Thank you, Lena!

Everyone let me know how you like the new design and the fancy new features Lean made for me!


Mom Secrets

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I read this article the other day on the TODAYMoms blog and it really bothered me. Women have become so consumed with being 'super-women' and 'super-moms' that they are rapidly reaching their breaking points. The problem isn't husbands and men and employers forcing women to be this way. It is other women. As a woman, I know how nasty, cruel, and judgemental a lot of women can be of their peers. This has unfortunately driven women apart and turned them against each other. Suddenly they have less support from their friends and family and instead try harder to appear perfect and put together.

For instance read these quotes from the article:

I cry myself to sleep sometimes because I am overwhelmed and I don't feel like I can talk to anyone about it.

People frequently remark that I seem to have everything ‘so together.’ I don't! I find myself crying in the car on my way to work because I am so overwhelmed.

It is pretty terrible that so many women feel overwhelmed and don't realize that the lady next to them at the check-out is most likely feeling just the same. It is even worse that they feel they have absolutely no one to talk to about their anxities. Even if that person is a therapist, it is better to schedule a session to constructively deal with your concerns and pressures than to keep them inside and slowly kill yourself from the inside-out.

So please, if you feel overwhelmed by things in your life, talk to someone. It could be your best friend, your hair stylist, or a therapist. You are not a terrible mother and as you can see from the article, the women who often seem put together are the ones who are the worst off.


So I've been busy....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

This busy modern gal has been busier than usual balancing her life, work and family. Have no fear though, lots of super swell posts are on the way!

P.S. Keep on the look-out for a new blog design soon!


Task of the Week: Getting Dishes Out of the Sink

At some point or another, the busy modern woman discovers a pile of dishes towering in the sink. She hopes they are at least rinsed, but knows they most likely are not. She puts the dishes off, fearing that they will be too time consuming and that she can just do them later. But, when later comes along she discovers the dishes have multiplied! What is she to do??

Photo Courtesy of Life Magazine Archives by Google

A quick look at the numbers will help her and you avoid this situation happening ever again!
Tonight it took me only THREE MINUTES to take the dishes out of the sink and put them in the dishwasher. I rinse my dishes pretty well before placing them in the sink and even better before they go in the dishwasher. I don't run the dishwasher unless it is mostly full. Next, I hand washed the rest of the dishes and that took me FIVE MINUTES. It took me EIGHT MINUTES to get the dirty dishes out of the sink and either into the dishwasher or drying on a towel. This even included soaking a pan! Why did I avoid the sink for so many days?!

What does this tell you?
The modern woman DOES have time to clean her dishes.
The modern woman SHOULD ask her small child to put away utensils and older children to rinse, wash, and put away dishes. 
There IS TIME to do dishes after EVERY meal or in the morning or evening.

So stop rationalizing and start washing. How clean could your sink be if you weren't reading this post?!


So you have an unexpected guest...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MYdrap White Dot Luncheon Napkins on a Roll 100-Percent Cotton 8.3-Inch by 8.3-Inch with 20 Napkins per Roll, RedI read about these napkins in some magazine a few months ago. MyDrap disposable cloth napkins come on a roll and look like they are stitched. They come in multiple sizes, colors, and patterns. So your husband surprised you with a pal or new client for dinner? Your nosey neighbors invited themselves over for cocktails? Make them think you always have fine linens on your table by bringing out some MyDrap cocktail napkins in dark orange linen or sea blue cotton. Truly innovative and dresses any table up in an instance! They also have cloth placemats. Genius!

They have POLKA DOT napkins. Really. Awesome.

You can click on the pretty red and white polka dot napkin up there to go to Amazon or go to the MyDrap website here.


Finding the Balance

Monday, August 1, 2011

Today was a special day. I got to pick my son up from camp and then we ate dinner together. It may not have been gourmet, but we got to eat it together. Because of my long commute we don't get to eat dinner together often.

I am a modern working woman. So how do I find balance in my life?

I look forward to days like today because I got to spend quality time with my son.
I look forward to work holidays. We spend the day together and do fun things.
I use my commute time as "me time." I listen to music, I think about things, I plan out my day or week. I should probably listen to books on tape (mp3?). I could 'read' a lot of books that way.
When I do get home I use that time to spend with my son. We play games or read books. Sometimes we watch Spongebob. I ask him what he wants to do.
After he goes to bed I have more "me time." I do my yoga, watch tv, clean, sew, spend time with my man. Whatever I feel like doing. Sometimes I watch tv for hours. Sometimes I am so productive you would be scared. I do what I want with my time.

The point is:
I make the most of the time I have at work. When I get home, I make the most of the time with my son. In between I spend time on me. I've learned that there is no sense worrying about whether I am spending enough time in any place. If I'm not, I already know. So I balance as best as I can. More importantly I know how to say no. If I am too strung out, I say no to other events or friends coming to call. If I haven't gotten to spend much time with my son lately, I say no to going somewhere the night we finally get to spend together. I don't worry that I am offending someone. If they don't understand, then it is for them to worry about. I am too busy playing Chutes and Ladders.


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